Hanna Miller

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A cross-cultural, personal, exploratory, documentary project connecting Russia and Mississippi created, directed, curated, and produced by Hanna Miller, featuring photography by Katya Korableva and Stephen Barton.

Mississippi Heard is featured as a text, podcasts, and a traveling art exhibit. The six podcasts document the six-week walk across Mississippi that Hanna + Katya undertook in late 2014 in order to interview Mississippians about how they define Russia, "American," -- and themselves within their own pre-existing stereotypes. Each podcast features these interviews, as well as interviews from a month-long train ride across Russia during the summer of 2014.

Podcasts are produced with help from donations.

If you are interested in what you hear and would like to contribute to the full six-part production of Mississippi Heard as a series of podcasts, please click here and donate through the non-profit art collective and project sponsor, Mississippi Modern, Inc.