Upcoming documentary film by Hanna Miller, made possible thus far by the Mississippi Film Alliance Emerging Filmmaker Grant, the Marguerite Casey Foundation Equal Voices in Journalism Fellowship, and the Mississippi Arts Commission.

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Mississippi Mercedes is a feature-length documentary film profiling Mercedes and following the difference she’s making at her restaurant, La Mariposa. As she each spouts off-putting political views and fosters a sense of belonging for the area’s “misfits," Mercedes creates job opportunity and economic mobility at La Mariposa. To bring more opportunity to little Magnolia, Mercedes dreams up a new enterprise: a La Mariposa food truck traveling across the area selling her famous Cajun, Colombian fried green tomatoes. This calls for La Mariposa employees to step it up and show new efforts in responsibility and ambition. But, with the challenges that trademark rural poverty, Mercedes and her employees struggle to move the business forward. Will the new undertaking be a success, and if so, what will that mean for Magnolia, La Mariposa employees, and even the controversial -- and ever-imaginative -- Mercedes? If the dying town of Magnolia and the La Mariposa band of misfits can sustain Mercedes' business dreams, Mercedes can then maintain her safe haven for those who need a place to belong.